Scituate Man Giving (Probably Delicious) 18-Pound Lobster a Free Ride

Do you know how many of these we could make with 18 pounds of lobster?
Do you know how many of these we could make with 18 pounds of lobster? –Debee Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

An enormous lobster that’s been sitting in the tanks at a Scituate fish market is about to head back to the open ocean because the market’s owner apparently forgot that his oversized red crustacean is basically a giant buttery sandwich in a shell.

The Patriot Ledger reported that the soft-hearted fish market owner is Joby Norton, who runs Mullaney’s Fish Market and has had the lobster in his tank for about three weeks. In the time since, the report says Norton and his staff have named the shellfish “Luke’’ and estimated its age to be over 75-years old.


Unfortunately, that kind of heartwarming man-beast friendship is also warping Norton’s judgement. Norton told the Ledger that despite multiple offers to buy Luke, he and his staff decided they’re going to take him out on a lobster boat, “give him something to eat,’’ and drop him right back into the ocean depths where he came from.

That’s a huge mistake.

First of all, the Scituate man guesses that he could charge over $100 for Luke, which is a pretty penny to turn down over a non-sentient piece of meat.

But more than that, does Norton not realize where we are? This is New England, the land where lobsters of all sizes get tossed right into a pot of boiling water, just like the rest of them. It’s kind of our thing.

And besides, it’s not even like Luke is all that special! The Ledger report says the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association puts the record for the state’s largest lobster at 37.4 pounds, a crustacean dubbed “Big George’’ that was trapped off Cape Cod. Heck, Luke isn’t even the biggest one Norton has seen. He told the Ledger he’s personally seen lobsters that pushed 24 pounds.


So what gives, Norton? Some of us are jonesing for a cookout and craving some sweet lobster.

“He’s made it this long,’’ Norton told the Ledger. “We’d rather let him go.’’

What a waste.

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