We asked readers if they feel safe riding the T. Here’s what they said.

“No transit system is perfect."

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff
Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff file

When it comes to how the MBTA is handling its recent safety concerns, the majority of readers who responded to a recent survey gave it a thumbs down.

Of the nearly 250 readers who answered, the majority — 127 readers, or 52 percent — say they feel the MBTA’s response to recent safety concerns is “Bad: You don’t get the idea that there’s a sense of urgency on their part.”

Another 82 readers, making up 33 percent of the vote, checked the response, “Middling: They’re responsive but changes/ improvements are too slow to materialize.”


There were 24 readers who voted for “Good: They’re responsive and they seem to be taking appropriate steps to rectify the issues,” making up 10 percent of the vote.

Another 12 readers, or 5 percent, selected “Other.”

Along with debris almost striking a man at the Savin Hill station, other recent incidents include a Red Line derailment, an escalator malfunction at the Back Bay station that sent people tumbling to the ground, leaving them bloody, and a collision between two Green Line cars in late July.

It should be noted that the poll is unofficial and only includes a small sampling of readers. An official poll by WBUR shows that riders typically feel safe riding the T (73 percent), but that there needs to be improvements made considering the recent incidents. However, just 19 percent checked “very safe.”

“A lot of people think it’s mostly OK, but very few people think that it’s completely fine,” Rich Parr, research director for MassINC Polling Group, which conducted the poll on behalf of the radio station, Boston Foundation and Dorchester Reporter.

In’s unofficial poll, some readers said riders don’t wear masks, and that they wouldn’t rely on it for service to Logan airport.


“The response seems to be reactive and slow and also feels like a series of patches instead of a more comprehensive solution, which is not very reassuring,” Sally from Jamaica Plain wrote. “It’s not like there is an issue every single day, but you’d still expect more urgency and a more proactive approach.”

“Everything is a patch job,” another reader wrote.

Another reader questioned if the T cares based on the derailments and other safety concerns.

“This is indicative of a system that’s been neglected and not maintained well enough for literally decades, and now the issues are so numerous,” Kristen from Malden wrote. “This is likely to only keep happening.”

Others feel that the T is doing its best.

“No transit system is perfect,” one reader wrote. “The Boston media blows incidents out of proportion. The T does a good job of getting me where I want to go.”

Another reader also criticized media coverage of the T.

“The T’s issues get a ton of press, but there’s way less about the dangers of driving,” they wrote.

A Lexington reader said they can count on the services they use.


“Bus Route 62 snd the Red Line have operated reliably for me,” they wrote. occasionally interacts with readers by conducting informal polls and surveys. These results should be read as an unscientific gauge of readers’ opinion.

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