A mock-up of a new Red Line car just arrived on City Hall Plaza

It's on display to the public through Thursday.

A mockup of the new Red Line cars is on display in City Hall Plaza.
A mock-up of the new Red Line cars is on display at City Hall Plaza. –Mark Gartsbeyn/Boston.com

The Red Line doesn’t stop at Government Center, but a mock-up Red Line car is an exception.

The mock-up, which is on display to the public through Thursday at City Hall Plaza, resembles the new, upgraded Red Line cars scheduled to take the tracks next year, according to Lisa Battiston, an MBTA spokesperson. It’s two-thirds the size of a real car, and its arrival offers commuters a taste of what’s in store as the T seeks to get feedback on its newest additions.

“Our customers’ experience has always been one of my top priorities as general manager,” Luis Manuel Ramírez, chief executive and general manager of the MBTA, said in a statement Monday. “It’s important that we get their feedback on the mock-up before we move to the production phase of the procurement.”

A mockup of the new Red Line cars is on display for the public this week before the new cars begin to roll out next year. —Mark Gartsbeyn/Boston.com

MBTA personnel will be at the car to collect feedback from people who stop and take a look, Battiston said.

The first of 252 new cars will make their way through stations next year, with plans for the entire fleet to be replaced by September 2023. The new cars are supposed to “prevent overcrowding and delays” and help to make for faster service.

The mock-up’s stop in Boston comes after it made an inbound trip from Changchun China, where it was shipped from a production plant in June, according to MBTA officials.

The new Red Line cars, as well as 152 new cars for the Orange Line, are being manufactured at the China Railway Rolling Stock Corp.’s Springfield factory, according to The Boston Globe.