Boston Medical Center nurse offers glimpse into life during pandemic

"We got this, guys."

A Boston Medical Center emergency room nurse has recorded videos, shared Saturday by Good Morning America, detailing what her professional life is like during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Diana Costine, who specializes in caring for trauma and critical care patients, noted in the video that her entire life has changed the past few months. Costine, who has recorded videos from a medical supply closet in March, April, and May, believes people should be taking the situation more seriously.

“I’m almost jealous of the people who don’t have to work in the hospitals right now because they probably just have this ignorance is bliss attitude,” Costine said. “And even the ones who don’t have that attitude have no idea what we’re seeing.”


She said she constantly hears messages overhead indicating that anesthesia is needed immediately on a given floor. When patients come in, they’re often forced to intubate them quickly because their airways are extremely compromised.

“It’s insane,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s really nuts.”

Costine said the staff has had to deal with various obstacles, such as dwindling supplies and medications, a shortage of personal protective equipment such a masks and gloves, and a lack of available critical care beds.

She’s concerned that people aren’t abiding by Gov. Charlie’s Baker’s regulations, noting that it’s difficult and frustrating to see people outside not following the proper protocol. However, she’s seen some progress in the past few weeks. On May 11, she said the situation “doesn’t feel as scary, as panicky,” as it once did.

“Maybe just because we’re better prepared and we’re more skilled as to how to treat these patients,” she said.

“We got this, guys.”


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