Despite ban reinstatement, Boston and Brookline to allow single-use plastic bags until Oct. 1

The state lifted its reusable bag ban and allowed communities to reinstate single-use plastic bag bans on July 10.

Following the state announcing that it has lifted its emergency order prohibiting the use of reusable bags, and allowing towns with single-use plastic bag bans to reinstate those bans, Boston and Brookline have given their business communities and customers time to transition back.

For Boston, the ban on plastic bags, along with the five-cent-per-bag fee for people who don’t bring reusable bags, will not resume until Oct. 1, Mayor Marty Walsh announced on Tuesday.

For Brookline, its suspension of the plastic bag ban will go “through at least September,” according to a news release.

The state lifted its order on July 10. It originally went into effect back on March 25 for the height of COVID-19 surge. Lifting the order left some members of the business community in towns with single-us bag bans frustrated and confused over now having to make the switch back.


“Reinstating bags bans, effective immediately, doesn’t give business owners a chance to use up their stock of existing plastic bags or a chance to stock back up on paper bags if they need them,” the Newton Needham Regional Chamber said in a post to its website. “Even 30-60 days advance notice would have been a help.”

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