Watch: Dr. Ashish Jha spoke about COVID-19 vaccines, Scott Atlas, and what to expect as the year ends on the ‘The View’

“When it's my turn, I plan to get vaccinated.”

Dr. Ashish Jha sought to assure the public who are skeptical of the new COVID-19 vaccines during an appearance on “The View” on Tuesday. 

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The dean of the Brown University School of Public Health told viewers he understands the hesitation people may have given how quickly the vaccine development has rolled out, but the physician stressed that no corners have been cut in the process. 

“All of the steps that go into testing the safety of a vaccine, all of those tests are being done,” he said. “Some of them we did in parallel. So sometimes you do an animal study first, then you go to human trials. We did some of these things at the same time, but we did every step.” 

Data released show the vaccines are “pretty safe,” Jha said. 

“The biggest thing I would say is when it’s my turn, I plan to get vaccinated, I plan to get my family vaccinated, I plan to get my elderly parents vaccinated,” the public health expert said. “I think these vaccines, they’ve been done with really large clinical trials and they look pretty safe. Again, I do want to look at the final set of data, but I’m feeling pretty confident that they’re going to be safe and effective. And we’ve got to talk to people honestly and openly and tell them what we know and what we don’t know and not hype it.”

During his appearance on the show, Jha was asked about a range of topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic including whether schools should be open (he thinks it’s safe), the resignation of President Donald Trump’s controversial science adviser Scott Atlas (it came “not too soon”), and his expectations for what will be seen in the coming weeks as cases continue to rise nationally (they’re going to be tough).


“We’re going to see a new surge from Thanksgiving,” Jha said. “I think a lot of people did a good job and stayed home. But obviously we know some people traveled, and I do expect a surge. And then in the weeks that follow hospitals are going to get stretched even more, and so I think we’re going to have a pretty hard four to six weeks ahead of us.”

Watch his appearance below:

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