Watch: Anthony Fauci says more people likely to get vaccinated through mandates after Pfizer full approval

“There will now be much more enthusiasm in mandating vaccines.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci is hopeful that a lot more people will get vaccinated following federal regulators giving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine full approval.

The Food and Drug Administration announced its full approval of the vaccine on Monday, and in an appearance Tuesday on the “Today” show, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH and top adviser to President Joe Biden said the move will likely result in more people getting the jab for three reasons. 

Fauci said a survey revealed about 30 percent of the people who haven’t gotten vaccinated yet or have expressed reluctance to getting the shot said that once the FDA gave full approval, they would seriously consider the inoculation. 


“The second element is … that there will now be much more enthusiasm in mandating vaccines, be they in corporations and places of employment, universities, colleges, the military — all of that I believe will contribute greatly to the number of people vaccinated,” he said. 

The third piece is that with full approval, Pfizer will now be allowed to advertise its vaccine. 

“I believe those three things working together, hopefully, will get a lot more people vaccinated,” he said. 

During his appearance, the doctor said there’s a “reasonable” chance that the COVID-19 vaccines will get initial approvals for use in children under the age of 12 sometime this fall or early winter, which will contribute to protecting more people against the coronavirus and bring the country another step closer to the end of the pandemic.

Exactly when the “light at the tunnel” — when a veil of protection over the community results in the dramatic reduction in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths — appears is “up to us,” he said.

“If we get the overwhelming majority of those 80 to 90 million people who have not yet been vaccinated, who have been reluctant to get vaccinated or have not yet had the opportunity, I believe we can see light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. 


According to The New York Times’s vaccine tracker, only 52 percent of U.S. residents, representing people of all ages, have been fully vaccinated, while 61 percent have gotten at least one dose. 

“It’s in our hands — our fate is in our own hands,” Fauci said. “I’ve said a couple of times, if we do it right and get through the winter, I hope as we get to the spring of 2022, we’ll be there. I hope so. It’s up to us.”

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