Maine doc calls out the ‘blizzard 2022 hoax,’ with a wink

"The hype around #blizzard2022 is being driven by the weather-industrial complex."

Blizzard? Or massive government conspiracy? You make the call. Scott Eisen/Getty Images

We may be going out on a limb here, but we’re betting that Dr. Nirav D. Shah has grown a little weary of armchair “experts” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He’s also clearly a fan of satire.

Shah, director of the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, posted an inspired series of tweets during Saturday’s nor’easter that would seem to indicate he’s had it up to here with experts who do their own research and always have a conspiracy theory on hand.

“The hype around #blizzard2022 is being driven by the weather-industrial complex,” Shah declared.


“These so-called meteorologists have no clue what they’re talking about,” Shah tweeted. “I also find it deeply suspicious that their ‘models’ change all the time. I thought this was ‘science,’ which does not change (see, e.g., gravity).


“Who pressured them to change the models? My hunch: follow the $$$ and we’ll find out,” he tweeted.

Edicts about wearing coats and gloves didn’t escape his wrath either.

“The ‘experts’ say that good gloves help prevent frostbite. That’s nonsense. I know a guy who got frostbite even though he was WEARING GLOVES. #CHECKMATE,” Shah wrote. “Plus, I did the research and frostbite only happens about 1% of the time.”

“I mean, sure, some people might die from the cold,” Shah conceded. “But how many died ‘from’ the cold, vs. ‘with’ the cold?”

Shah’s hilarious full thread, which had accumulated well over 10,000 “likes” as of Sunday morning, appears below.


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