Malden man accused of urinating on transit police cruiser, ripping off license plate

Nelson Faria was allegedly trying to smash in a cruiser window when police found him.

–MBTA Transit Police
Nelson Faria. —MBTA Transit Police

A Malden man was taken into custody by MBTA Transit Police on Thursday night after he allegedly urinated on a transit police cruiser and committed other vehicle damage in the Oak Grove parking lot.

Police were called to the scene around 9:30 p.m. for a report of someone damaging vehicles, according to a transit police release.

Nelson Faria, 41, was allegedly trying to smash the window of the cruiser when police found him.

Police said they discovered after watching surveillance video footage that Faria had urinated “all over the side of our TPD cruiser” and “forcefully ripped off the front license plate” just before police caught up to him.


Faria was taken away by police after “a brief struggle,” according to the release.