Police: Man tried to peek into stalls in North Station women’s restroom

The incident occurred after the Disney on Ice show at TD Garden Friday night, police said.

Angel Hernandez-Flores —MBTA Transit Police

An East Boston man accused of trying to peek in on women and children using the bathroom in North Station told police he was “confused” and didn’t realize he was in the women’s restroom.

Police were called to the North Station/TD Garden lobby around 9:20 p.m. Friday for a man in the women’s restroom who wouldn’t leave, according to MBTA Transit Police

When police got there, there was a “long” line of women and children waiting to use the facilities and some were “expressing their anger” about the man inside. The Disney on Ice show had just finished, according to police.


Police went into the restroom and knocked on the stall door where Angel Hernandez-Flores, 37, was, police said. After he allegedly told police about his confusion about which bathroom he was in, police removed him. Witnesses told police Hernandez-Flores was allegedly trying to peek in adjoining stalls by either looking over or under the partition. He is being charged with annoying and accosting, and disorderly conduct.