Details emerge as Victor Peña held without bail in kidnapping and rape case

Peña is facing one kidnapping charge and 10 counts of aggravated rape.

Victor Peña, in court on March 1.

Victor Peña has been ordered held without bail pending an April 10 dangerousness hearing, and newly released court documents provide details on what authorities say happened after he allegedly kidnapped a 23-year-old Boston woman in January.

Peña pleaded not guilty to one kidnapping charge and 10 counts of aggravated rape in Suffolk Superior Court Wednesday morning during his arraignment, according to Jake Wark, a spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

The victim was found alive in Peña’s Charlestown apartment on Jan. 22; she had been missing for three days and was last seen leaving Hennessy’s bar near Faneuil Hall on Saturday, Jan. 19.


In a statement on the case, obtained by, prosecutors said:

  • The victim allegedly left the bar soon after 11 p.m. that Saturday night; she  was “very intoxicated,” was “socializing with a young man she didn’t know,” and bar staff asked them to leave. “The young man was immediately pulled away by his friends, leaving the victim to walk alone in a snowstorm,” the document says. “As she crossed Congress Street and State Street, she encountered Peña and another man, who noticed that she was obviously impaired. Peña ignored the other man’s urging to leave the victim alone and immediately began hugging, kissing and walking with her. Video surveillance showed Peña holding up and at one point literally carrying the victim past buildings on Devonshire and Washington Streets.”
  • The two got on the Orange Line, and a witness saw Peña “propping up the victim, who was listless with eyes fluttering,” the document says. They got off the train at the Community College stop, and Peña allegedly walked her a mile to his Walford Way apartment in Charlestown, “again holding and pulling her along because she could not walk on her own.”
  • When the victim woke up Sunday “on a bare mattress in Peña’s apartment,” she didn’t remember what happened after dancing at the bar. “When she tried to get dressed and leave, Peña physically stopped her, told her to be quiet and threatened several times to kill her,” the document says. “He said he had rescued her on the street, he loved her and they were going to start a family. His statements and the physical circumstances made clear that he had subjected her to intercourse while she was incapacitated by alcohol.”
  • Peña allegedly then forced the victim to do “numerous sexual acts.” She didn’t agree to any of them, according to the document, but did them because she was afraid and because of the threats. “She could not specify how many times each type of rape occurred, but they happened multiple times on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,” the document says. “She tried again to flee but he caught her before she reached the door, which in any event had a deadbolt locked in both directions. The victim considered ways to escape, including that she might use a weapon against Peña, but was afraid that any attempt would fail.”
  • The victim was given only canned pineapple to eat — a “wheat intolerance” meant she couldn’t eat the ramen noodles Peña allegedly offered her, according to the document. “Despite this, Peña compelled her to drink a large amount of whiskey on Monday, January 21,” the document says. “He took images of her with his cellphone that showed her in a lethargic and at times unresponsive state — a jarring contrast to her normally outgoing personality. Peña donned sunglasses for ‘selfies’ with the victim and directed her to smile and kiss him.”
  • Peña allegedly “made strange religious statements” and had the victim, who knows Spanish, read from a bible in that language. “He asked where her phone was and she said she must have lost it on the street, but in fact he had taken it away from her,” the document says. “To placate Peña and stall for time, the victim offered to help clean his filthy apartment.”
  • The victim’s sister could not get in touch with her Sunday and began trying to find her. “The sister used a ‘find friends’ app that showed the victim’s phone in the area of Walford Way,” the document says. “On Sunday afternoon the sister and friends went to Charlestown, did not find the victim and no longer got a signal from her phone. At around 5 pm they made a missing-person report to the Boston police. They also returned to Hennessy’s, where staff allowed them to view video that showed the victim and the young man being escorted out of the bar.”
  • Police searched the Charlestown area. “Police began an investigation that included a search of the Charlestown area, including alleys and trash bins for fear the victim might be dead, and collection of surveillance video from many sources,” the document says. “Images of the missing victim, and later of the man shown transporting her, were widely circulated by news outlets and social media. MBTA police searched for CharlieCards associated with Walford Way and found one issued to Peña, who matched the physical appearance of the suspect and had prior incidents in which he accosted young females in MBTA stations. He also had past charges and restraining orders for alleged violence against women.”
  • Police arrived at Peña’s apartment on Tuesday and knocked, but no one responded. “Housing police got keys to the door but were stymied by the additional unauthorized deadbolt,” the document says. “They called for a locksmith, who began drilling through the deadbolt. During this time, Peña told the victim to get dressed, gave her phone back and told her to tell someone she was OK. She texted ‘I love you too’ to a friend overseas who had tried to contact her. At that time the victim’s sister received a signal for her on the cellphone locator app for the first time since Sunday.”
  • Authorities used a drill on the door, Peña opened it and detectives went inside. “The victim was visibly frightened and shaking, and immediately said that Peña had taken her phone and not let her leave,” according to the document. “Peña physically fought with detectives as they detained him. At the scene and again when booked on a kidnapping charge, he made unsolicited claims that he took the victim home from the street because she needed help, and because she reminded him of a daughter he had not seen for 10 years.”
  • The victim told authorities of the alleged sexual assaults when speaking with a detective. “An examination at the hospital and a later warrant search of Peña’s apartment both produced physical evidence that corroborated the victim’s account of the confinement and rapes,” the document says.