Undercover officer used to bust Malden smoke shop allegedly selling marijuana under ‘gift’ premise

Two employees could face related criminal charges.

Items Malden police allegedly seized from Boston Smoke Shop.
The items seized. –Malden Police Department

A Malden smoke and vape shop was allegedly selling marijuana, stating that it was a “gift,” according to the city’s police department.

Now, that Boston Smoke Shop location is closed, according to The Boston Globe, and police said two people that worked there could face criminal charges.

An undercover officer investigated the shop after police were tipped off to what was allegedly going on. Police gained a search warrant and pulled cash as well as a variety of items believed to be related to the matter.

In a statement from the shop, obtained by CBS Boston, the company, which runs 21 shops total scattered throughout Boston and along the North Shore, said gifting marijuana is “widespread” in the region.


“We were told the issue would be raised with appropriate authorities, and that we would receive advice on how to proceed,” the statement said. “That clarification never came and the practice only grew more prevalent: not only in adults-only stores like ours, but convenience stores and other retail operations.”

Police warned of potential “criminal and or civil sanctions” for using “sham transactions.”

“If you want to distribute marijuana and/or marijuana products, make sure you’re licensed to do so; apply for a license through the city in accordance with the law, should that option be available,” police said.