A Lynnfield fire captain allegedly walked into a R.I. convenience store naked. Now he’s facing a criminal charge.

John H. Walsh was appointed to the Lynnfield force in 1979.

A Lynnfield fire captain allegedly walked into a convenience store in Rhode Island naked after his girlfriend dared him to do it. Now he’s facing a disorderly conduct charge.

John H. Walsh, 60, was arrested after a clerk at the 7-Eleven in Middletown called police around 3 p.m. last Wednesday and told the 911 dispatcher that a man came into the store without clothes on and then drove away in a black Mercedes-Benz, according to the police report obtained by Boston.com.

Police caught up with the vehicle “moments later,” the report said. They found Walsh driving with a female front-seat passenger; both had clothes on. Police asked what happened, and the female passenger said that Walsh is her boyfriend and “that she ‘dared’ him to walk into the store naked because Walsh told her it was ‘legal’ in Rhode Island,” according to the report.


Police also spoke with the owner of the store. She told officers that “she went into shock and called 911 because she thought the man might assault her,” the report said.

“She was upset and in fear that the man might come back to her store,” police said in the report, adding that the store owner was “horrified at the sight of the naked man.”

Walsh is on paid administrative leave while an investigation is ongoing, according to Lynnfield Fire Chief Glenn Davis in a statement obtained by Boston.com. Walsh was appointed to the department in 1979.

“We take the charges against Captain Walsh very seriously,” the chief said.