Thieves stole over 100 whoopie pies in Maine

Damages are estimated at about $1,000, authorities said.

There’s at least one thief in Maine with an apparent sweet tooth. And members of a local volunteer organization are feeling sour about the theft.

Over the weekend, more than 100 whoopie pies were taken from the Lions Club’s booth at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds. Club members discovered about 10 boxes of the sweets were missing.

In addition to whoopie pies, the perpetrator, or perpetrators, also took cookies out of a refrigerator and drank a half gallon of iced tea, according to the Portland Press Herald.

“Whoever did this, we can teach them what service is if they come forward and confess,” John Youney, one of the directors of the club, told the Waterville Morning Sentinel. “They can work off their crime, working with us to help those in need. Then they’ll realize why we do what we do and that all the stuff here is to assist those who have a greater need than we do.”


Youney said the club had hosted a fundraiser on Thursday, and nothing was amiss at that time, the Press Herald reported.

Along with the missing food and beverage, plastic gloves and silverware were scattered on the floor. Damages are estimated at about $1,000, according to the Press Herald.