Ex-director allegedly stole $31,000 from the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum and bought jewelry, Six Flags tickets

“We trusted her.”

10/09/98----Adams, Ma.---BirthPlace  of Susan B. Anthony

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–Boston Globe, File

The ex-director of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum allegedly stole $31,000 from the nonprofit over the course of three years and spent it on items ranging from jewelry and air travel to Six Flag tickets and car insurance. 

The Berkshire Eagle reports 45-year-old Colleen Janz, of Florida, was arraigned on a charge of larceny in Northern Berkshire District Court earlier this month. She took on the role of executive director of the Adams museum in July 2012 and served until she was fired in July 2018. 

“We were devastated,” Carol Crossed, president of the museum’s board of directors, told the Eagle. “We trusted her. She was a friend. We gave her bonuses and personal gifts.” 


Janz allegedly forged documents and falsified records — a total of 340 unauthorized transactions — to steal the museum funds, according to the newspaper. The museum discovered the theft when two public accounting firms were hired to go over the books. 

Janz has pleaded not guilty to the charge of larceny over $1,200 by a single scheme, and a pretrial hearing is scheduled for early December, according to the Eagle.