Plymouth man, beagle allegedly attacked officers during chaotic arrest Tuesday night

One of the officers was reportedly kicked in the head and bitten by one of the two beagles Jared Windus had with him.

A Plymouth man is facing a variety of charges after police were forced to pepper spray and tase him while trying to arrest him, after responding to a call of someone yelling and banging on doors late Tuesday night.

In all, it took three officers to place Jared Windus, 30, under arrest, during which one officer was kicked in the face and bitten by one of two beagles Windus had with him, while another officer was kicked in the thigh, according to Capt. Kevin Manuel of Plymouth police. This all took place outside on Worrall Road.

Windus is facing charges of breaking and entering a building during the night for a felony, disorderly conduct, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot), three counts of assault and battery on a police officer, threatening to commit murder, and resisting arrest. He was arraigned in Plymouth District Court on Wednesday, and was released on his own recognizance, a court official said.


Police were called to the scene around 10:20 p.m. When police arrived, they found Windus in the middle of the road and, when they approached him, Windus reportedly began yelling angrily and making incoherent statements, Manuel said.

“The officer had trouble understanding what he was saying,” Manuel said, noting that authorities believe he was under the influence of alcohol as well as an unknown drug.

The commotion caused neighbors to drift outside, and Windus was initially placed under arrest by police for being a disorderly person, Manuel said.

But he didn’t go quietly.

Windus allegedly began struggling while officers attempted to place him under arrest, according to Manuel. One of the officers used pepper spray, and as Windus was on the ground, officers tried to handcuff him. That’s when one of the officers was kicked in the face, according to their report, and sustained a minor concussion.

“All three officers had been punched or kicked at one point,” Manuel said.

One of the officers then used a taser on Windus, and police were able to grab his hands and handcuff him. While he was flailing around on the ground, one of the two dogs bit the officer who had also been kicked in the head. The bite broke the skin, but police were able to confirm that both dogs were up to date on their rabies shots, according to the captain.


After he was under arrest, Windus allegedly told an officer that “he was going to find his family and kill them,” Manuel said.

It was during an investigation that a resident said, prior to police arrival, Windus allegedly had gone into her home and began yelling at her. She was scared, and didn’t know what he was saying, according to Manuel. He then left the home.

Windus was taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation immediately after his arrest, Manuel said.

During his arraignment, his attorney, Krysten Condon, criticized the officers’ use of force.

“The police need to protect themselves, they are in a dangerous situation, ” Condon said, according to WHDH. “But, when they encounter someone with a mental health issue, it doesn’t need to get to pepper spray and tasing and batons.”

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