Why a Sons of Boston co-owner was charged in relation to Marine veteran Daniel Martinez’s murder

Alisha M. Dumeer allegedly tried to dispose of bloodstained clothing.

Alisha Dumeer was arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on a charge of accessory after the fact in connection with the murder of Daniel Martinez outside the Sons of Boston bar. Nancy Lane/Boston Herald

In March, 23-year-old Marine veteran Daniel Martinez was stabbed to death while visiting Boston from his home in Illinois. Martinez was allegedly killed by Alvaro O. Larrama, who was working as a bouncer at the Sons of Boston bar on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Now, another employee of the bar has been accused of helping to dispose of Larrama’s bloody clothing.

Here’s what we know about the case so far:

Alisha M. Dumeer, a part-owner and manager of Sons of Boston, was arraigned last Thursday in Suffolk Superior Court. She pleaded not guilty to a charge of being an accessory after the fact to murder, The Boston Globe reported


After the altercation between Larrama and Martinez, which reportedly took place outside the nearby Hennessey’s Bar, prosecutors said security staff from Hennessey’s brought Larrama back to Sons of Boston and informed Dumeer of what had just transpired. 

Prosecutors said that surveillance footage shows Dumeer and Larrama in a basement room at the bar after the stabbing, the Globe reported. Larrama can be seen removing his Sons of Boston sweatshirt and dropping it in a trash can. Dumeer then handed Larrama a clean t-shirt, which he tried on before realizing it did not fit, CBS Boston reported. So Larrama allegedly turned his t-shirt inside out and left the bar. 

Dumeer then reportedly went back to bartending. Later, prosecutors said she spoke to another Sons of Boston co-owner, Jason Kuczynski, before returning to the locker room where Larrama had thrown out his clothing. Dumeer can be seen looking into the security camera briefly, before stepping into a blind spot for between 30 seconds and a minute, prosecutors said. Dumeer appeared to move the trash can containing Larrama’s clothing.  

Police later recovered the clothing and found bloodstains on the sweatshirt. Officials are still waiting on DNA testing results, according to the Globe


Dumeer allegedly told police that she learned about the stabbing through the local news. This runs contrary to other evidence, prosecutors said, and Dumeer at one point said her main concern was “saving the restaurant and her dignity,” according to NBC 10.

Dumeer’s defense attorney said that facts were being hidden by the selective use of security footage, according to WCVB

“There’s a lot of video. It’s like a movie trailer… It shows you what they want you to know, but doesn’t tell a full picture,” the attorney said. 

Relatives of Martinez looked on in court, and his mother later said she believes Dumeer to be partially responsible for Martinez’s death. 

“My son’s blood is on her hands, as much as it is [on] Larrama’s,” said Apolonia Martinez, according to the Globe. “It was terrible to hear the lack of compassion she had.”

Dumeer was released on personal recognizance. Larrama, who was also arraigned last Thursday, continues to be held without bail.

What we know about the events that led to the stabbing:

Over the past couple months, prosecutors have painted a picture of what they believe led to Larrama allegedly stabbing Martinez. 


Martinez, who is a native of the Chicago area, was visiting Boston with friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. He had recently been discharged after serving with the Marines for four years, according to WBUR

The deadly incident began when one of Martinez’s friends was kicked out of Sons of Boston for vaping inside. Martinez and another friend left the bar to join the third person, who had been kicked out. When Martinez tried to reenter, Larrama would not let him back in, according to NBC 10. 

Prosecutors said Martinez took issue with the fact that his friend had been kicked out for vaping while  “there were people inside the bar who were so drunk they couldn’t stand up,” according to the Globe

Martinez and Larrama exchanged words before Martinez and his friends left to go to another bar, NBC 10 reported. The bouncer continued to scream expletives at the group and tried challenging Martinez to a fight, following him as he tried to walk away. Larrama was seen running after Martinez with an object in his hand. 

The veteran then turned to face Larrama, fending off a blow before reportedly striking Larrama in the head with an aluminum beer bottle. Larrama could then be seen striking Martinez on the left side of his chest twice, causing Martinez to fall back and grab his chest. 

Others in the area intervened, according to NBC 10, and Larrama was separated from Martinez. Prosecutors said Larrama can be seen handling an unknown object with both hands before placing it in his pocket. He was then led back to Sons of Boston, where the interactions with Dumeer allegedly took place. 


Police were called to the scene of Martinez’s stabbing around 7 p.m. He was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at roughly 7:30 p.m. 

A warrant was issued for Larrama’s arrest that night, and he turned himself in to Boston police two days later. He was arraigned in March on a second-degree murder charge for the killing of Martinez. Larrama was indicted on June 9 for second-degree murder, the Globe reported. 

In April, the Boston Licensing Board voted to suspend the Sons of Boston liquor license indefinitely. 

Martinez’s family is suing Sons of Boston in Suffolk Superior Court.


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