Here’s what Victor Peña’s alleged victim said on the stand at his kidnapping and rape trial

In an attempt to avoid being raped again, the victim said, she suggested to Peña that they should clean the apartment. “Anything is better than being raped,” the woman said.

The alleged kidnapping and rape victim of 42-year-old Victor Peña gave harrowing testimony at his trial on Wednesday. Craig F. Walker/Boston Globe

The alleged victim of 42-year-old Victor Peña gave harrowing testimony Wednesday at his rape and kidnapping trial, saying she stopped resisting his alleged sexual assaults for fear he might kill her, The Boston Globe reported.

Peña allegedly abducted the woman, who is now 27, after she left a Boston bar in January 2019. He then allegedly raped her repeatedly over the course of three days before police kicked down the door and rescued her.

Peña has plead not guilty to kidnapping and 10 counts of aggravated rape.

The Globe reported that the victim told jurors in Suffolk Superior Court Wednesday that Peña, a former Charlestown resident, had threatened to kill her. Because of this, she eventually stopped fighting back against his alleged assaults because she “didn’t want to die.”


“I just let him,” the victim said on the stand. “I didn’t feel safe objecting.”

The last thing the victim said she remembered from the night of her abduction was feeling tipsy while dancing with friends at a bar downtown, the Globe reported. The next thing she remembered was waking up naked the morning after on a dirty, bare mattress.

The Globe reported that the victim, who was 23 at the time, told jurors she had no clue where she was, and that when she tried to get up, a man wearing fingerless gloves stopped her with his arms.

The newspaper wrote that the victim was visibly uncomfortable during her testimony, and spoke softly while looking down.

Over the course of her testimony, the Globe reported, the victim described many instances of rape and sexual assault that Peña allegedly subjected her to while holding her captive.

During that time, the Globe reported the victim saying, Peña called her beautiful, said that he’d saved her, and that he was excited to have children with her, made her drink whiskey, and made her smile and pose for photos with him.

In an attempt to avoid being raped again, the Globe reported the victim saying, she suggested to Peña that they should clean the apartment.


“Anything is better than being raped,” the woman said.

The victim also testified that while she was in captivity, all she ate were canned peaches and pineapples, the Globe wrote.

The victim tried to escape twice while Peña was asleep, the newspaper reported her saying, but he awoke and caught her before she could make it to the door. She later discovered the door had a deadbolt that required a key from the inside to unlock.

Three days after she was kidnapped, the Globe reported the victim saying, she heard helicopters and a loud knock at the door and then the sound of someone drilling the lock. She said Peña then got nervous and gave her back her clothes, purse, cell phone, and keys before opening the door.

Police officers swiftly entered the apartment and tried to arrest Peña, who resisted arrest but was ultimately handcuffed, the Globe reported the victim saying. She then began crying and ran to one of the officers.


Peña’s attorney Lorenzo Perez likely intends to use the defense of “a lack of criminal responsibility because of mental disease or defect,” based on legal filings related to the case, the Globe reported.


Seemingly to this end, when Perez cross-examined the victim, he had her reiterate the more bizarre aspects of her testimony, such as Peña allegedly having a “shrine-like” photo display of himself on the wall and a shelf full of stuffed animals, as well as Peña allegedly living in such a derelict apartment.

Perez also confirmed with the victim that Peña told her he was depressed, that he loved her, and that she was the answer to his prayers, the Globe reported. She also confirmed that Peña sometimes talked in “tangential circles” and ranted in Spanish about having a daughter.

During Perez’s opening statement, the newspaper reported, he said he will hang his case on Peña’s “bizarre” actions, and that this will be relevant to determining his intentions and state of mind during the kidnapping.

The Globe reported that Peña was not in the courtroom Wednesday due to his repeatedly disrupting pre-trial hearings. Instead, he watched a live feed of the testimony from another room in the courthouse.


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