Plymouth bystanders foil armed kidnapping of woman and child by estranged husband

The good Samaritans tackled and subdued a man as he tried to kidnap his estranged wife and child at gunpoint Friday morning.

A 39-year-old man was arrested in Plymouth Friday morning after he tried to kidnap his estranged wife and child at gunpoint, according to police.

The attempted kidnapping was foiled by three bystanders who witnessed the attack, which happened around 9 a.m., Plymouth police wrote on their Facebook page.

The suspect, an unidentified South Shore man, allegedly violated a restraining order by showing up at his estranged wife’s residence before the attempted kidnapping, according to officials. He is now charged with violating a restraining order, assault and battery on a family member, kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, and reckless endangerment of a child.


Police said they received multiple calls Friday morning for a “man chasing a woman down the street with a gun.” Possessing a face mask and handcuffs, the suspect allegedly tried to kidnap the woman by picking her up and grabbing her by the head and neck while she was holding one of their children, according to officials.

The woman screamed, which drew the attention of  Plymouth resident and former corrections officer Jamie Costa, who told the suspect to leave the woman alone before tackling him, according to officials.

Police said the suspect pulled a handgun from his waistband during the struggle.  

Two other bystanders, brothers Jeffrey “Chili” Williams and David Williams, were working in the area and rushed to help. According to police, one of the brothers, licensed to carry a firearm, pulled his weapon, and the other helped Costa as he tackled and disarmed the man.  

The three bystanders held the suspect until Plymouth Police Officer Bobby Hackett arrived and arrested the man, according to officials. Investigators said they found two replica firearms and a stiletto knife in the suspect’s possession.  

“We are thankful for Officer Hackett’s ability to quickly read a scene where a struggle was taking place and a man was being held at gunpoint,” police said in their announcement. “We are thankful for our quick thinking, good, able-bodied residents who, in the words of Officer Hackett, saved this woman’s life.”


Police also cited a 2019 incident in which Costa tackled a man wanted by police for several felonies and said they’d give him an award for his role in Friday’s rescue.

“We are thankful that good people, coupled with good law enforcement, came together to keep a woman and her children safe. Plymouth. One Town. One Team,” police said.


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