This 87-year-old Maine woman fought off a home intruder. Then she fed him snacks.

Marjorie Perkins reportedly gave the teen intruder crackers and peanut butter and Ensure — and dialed 911 on her rotary phone while he was distracted.

After she awoke to a home intruder standing over her last week, an 87-year-old Maine woman fought off the teenager and then distracted him with snacks while she dialed 911, according to The Times Record in Brunswick.

Marjorie Perkins told the newspaper she was alone in her Brunswick home when the teen broke in by moving the side panel next to an air conditioner and squeezing through the gap.

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According to The Times Record, Perkins said she recognized the teen, who used to mow her lawn about a decade ago.

“He said, ‘I’m going to cut you,’” Perkins told the newspaper. “I thought to myself, ‘If he’s going to cut, I’m going to kick.’ So I jumped into my shoes.”


Perkins told The Times Record that the teen — who allegedly had a water bottle full of alcohol — punched and pushed her before heading toward the kitchen and telling her he was hungry. She gave him crackers and peanut butter, two containers of Ensure, and two tangerines, the newspaper reported. 

Perkins reportedly dialed 911 on her rotary phone while he ate, but the teen left before police arrived.

In a news release last week, Brunswick police said the juvenile — whose name and age were not made public — left behind a pair of shoes when he fled Perkins’s home. Brunswick officers responded to the Beverly Drive neighborhood and began looking for the teen, and a K-9 team tracked him to where he was staying a few blocks away, according to the release. 

The teen was taken to Long Creek Youth Development Center and faces charges of burglary, criminal threatening, assault, and consuming liquor as a minor.

In the wake of her ordeal, Perkins received a bat from a neighbor and had a worker reinforce her air conditioner with screws, The Times Record reported.

She also told News Center Maine that there’s no need for sympathy.


“Don’t sit and cry about it. If it comes up again, do it again; be ready to kick and pick up a chair and hit somebody with it,” she told the news outlet with a chuckle.


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