Are You Smart Enough to Be Admitted to an Elite NYC Kindergarten?

Think you have what it takes to hang with New York’s smartest 4-year-olds?

According to DNAinfo New York, some of New York’s elite private schools will require kids to take a new test to be admitted starting in October.

DNAinfo offered 5 practice questions so readers can see how they stack up.

This new, more difficult test also assumes that the 4-year-old being considered for admission knows how to use an iPad, as that is how the test will be administered, according to DNAInfo.

The test, Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners (AABL), was created by the educational services company, ERB.

An example of one of the questions from the quiz. —SCREENSHOT

According to ERB’s website AABL, “assesses a child’s verbal and quantitative reasoning, early literacy, and mathematics skills and compares them to other children taking the test at the same level throughout the United States.’’

The new test costs $65 per student, significantly less expensive than the previous test, which was $568.

DNAinfo reported that thus far Horace Mann and Riverdale Country School have announced they will use the new exam and that sites like TestingMom are recommended to use to prepare children for the exam.

Horrace Mann can boast famous alumni such as writer Jack Kerouac and former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger. Former NFL player, Calivin HIll, and Olympic fencer, Tim Morehouse, attened Riverdale Country School.

“The AABL is really requiring more from preschoolers. That is in line with what we’re seeing in public schools,’’ Emily Glickman, president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting told DNAinfo. “We all know that some of the brightest people are late bloomers, yet more and more schools are rewarding the early achievers.’’

How staffers scored on the test.

Katherine Rushlau: 3/5

Adam Vaccaro: 3/5

Emily Wright: 3/5

Sanjay Salomon: 4/5

Doug Saffir: 4/5

Chad Finn: 4/5

Eric Wilbur: 4/5

Shannon McMahon: 4/5

Kristi Palma: 4/5

Chelsea Rice: 4/5

Angela Nelson: 4/5

Christina Reinwald: 4/5


Gary Dzen: 4/5

Hilary Sargent: 4/5

Steven Silva: 5/5

Sara Morrison: 5/5

Matt Juul: 5/5

Eric Levenson: 5/5

Denali Tietjen: 5/5

Take the quiz here.

This is our own Boston version of the quiz:

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