Study Ranks Mass. Schools 2nd Best in Nation

School system rankings by state where green represents highest and red represents lowest.
School system rankings by state where green represents highest and red represents lowest. –Wallet Hub

Just in time for back-to-school-season, Massachusetts’ education system is found to be among the nation’s best.

Personal finance network’s just-released study puts Massachusetts in the number-two spot for school system quality, and the number-one spots for highest reading and math test scores. The Bay State is behind only New Jersey in the overall rankings, and is immediately followed by two other New England states: Vermont and New Hampshire.

The state’s winning math and reading scores, 3rd-best bullying incidents rate, 12th-best dropout rate, and a 13th-best pupil-to-teacher ratio contributed to the results.

Asserting that last year workers with a college degree earned 59% more than those with just high school diplomas, WalletHub says they aimed to reveal the top-performing states in education so that parents can “help their children realize their maximum potential.’’ Spokesperson Raz Daraban told “We used 12 key metrics, including dropout rates, test scores and bullying incident rates to assess the quality of education in each state.’’


This apparently worked in the state’s favor, and most of New England’s as well. Five out of six New England states made the top 17, and Rhode Island came in 31st. Some of New England could, however, use some improvement in the bullying incidents rate: Vermont and Maine were among the five worst in the nation.

Explore WalletHub’s graphic below to see all of the overall rankings.


The study also analyzed education output and safety rank, for which Mass. ranked number 12. View the full report here.

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