Harvard kids are obsessed with this turkey wandering around campus

The turkey, as seen outside the Harvard Book Store.
The turkey, as seen outside the Harvard Book Store. –Photo via The Harvard Turkey Facebook page

There’s a feathered menace on the loose in Cambridge. It’s been seen blocking traffic, waddling across Harvard Yard and yelling—er, gobbling—at anyone who comes too close. The “Harvard turkey’’ has long been popular with Harvard students, but its fame is now spreading to Facebook.

Not much is known about the elusive turkey, save for a few sparse details on its new social media profile.

Said to be born in 2010, the turkey is described as an “entrepreneur’’ whose interests include “reading, waddling, not using crosswalks, and not giving a s[—].’’

But its fans are eager to know more, which is why they use a range of tactics to connect with it.


Some try to speak its language. After a sighting on October 9, Ignacio Sabate wrote a post for Flyby, a blog of The Harvard Crimson, about how he chased the turkey for a few seconds, only to be gobbled at. He gobbled back, but the turkey “was unimpressed and waddled away with purposeful vigor.’’

Others follow it around. Last year, Harvard student Max Schaffer tracked the turkey’s movements as part of a “Day in the Life’’ assignment for his anthropology class.

The turkey wasn’t thrilled.

“At one point, it was up on this ledge and I was standing directly in front of it, and it made this big noise and flew directly at me,’’ Schaffer told Flyby.

Still, he continued to follow it around campus, enlisting the help of other students who lived in Dunster House by having them send sightings to the dorm’s email list.

Sometime before the snowpocalypse, she disappeared. (Yes, Schaffer confirmed on Facebook that the turkey is, indeed, a she).

But whether the new fowl is the same one that strutted around campus last year hasn’t been confirmed (some noted on the Facebook page that, this year, the turkey is noticeably chubbier).

Regardless, maybe now that #turkeywatch has gone public, her admirers will find out where she disappears to in the colder months. (And, hopefully, its not the oven in Harvard’s main dining hall).


h/t Flyby

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