MIT senior cracks up Matt Damon with rapping graduation speech

MIT senior class president Anish Punjabi closed his commencement speech at graduation on Friday with a rush of rap riffing on Matt Damon’s film career, sending the actor into hysterics.

Punjabi, graduating with a double major in Finance as well as Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, filled his rap with puns on the titles of Good Will Hunting and Jason Bourne:

We’re born to chase them dreams like Jason.

Stretch and tested, yoga mat

Like Damon but he solves equations.

Hunting for a chance to change

His good will patience did sustain

So too are we illuminating.

Punjabi’s wordplay cracked up Damon, who spoke to the crowd just beforehand.

It wasn’t just Damon, of course. The crowd of “engineers with added heart, epitome of Tony Stark,” as Punjabi called them, sprang into applause as his rap came to a close.


Punjabi’s lyrical language proves one thing: It’s been a good week for stylized commencement speeches at Cambridge’s top universities.


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