Revere High student’s yearbook quote on racial tensions making waves

"Even though this quote has racial overtones, it’s not an outright threat or hate speech or something that would fall into that category, which might be why it was not flagged."

A student at Revere High School tweeted a photo of her yearbook picture accompanied by a racially-tinged quote: “Anything is possible when you sound caucasian on the phone.’’

Betshina Bernier’s tweet — which appears to emulate a Florida teen’s yearbook quote that went viral last year — also took off on Twitter. By Thursday evening, Bernier’s quote had garnered more than 354,000 likes and 84,600 retweets. Bernier, who is black, said in the tweet that she didn’t think the quote would make it into the yearbook.

Reached by the Globe Tuesday, Bernier said she chose the quote to highlight the racial tensions she says she has experienced at Revere High: “We have a lot of racial issues and conflicts within our school, so I didn’t think they would allow my quote to pass through and cause more chaos over race at the end of the school year.”