Self-proclaimed ‘masshole’ and TikToker Mikayla Nogueira drops her first makeup line

"I spent a lot of years of my life depressed over the fact that I didn’t like myself because people made me think I shouldn’t ... so that’s why I started to wear makeup."

Mikayla Nogueira, viral TikToker and New England native, is dropping her first makeup collection on June 13. Mikayla Nogueira

Known for her vulnerability, sweet personality and thick Boston accent, makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira has amassed 5.6 million followers on TikTok.

It’s been just over a year since her very first TikTok blew up in early quarantine, and on June 13 — Nogueira’s 23rd birthday — she’ll be launching her first makeup collection, a partnership with Glamlite Cosmetics that draws inspiration from her New England roots.

Caution: Explicit language.


Mikayla x Glamlite | Launching 6.13.21

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Humble New England roots

Though Nogueira is beloved for her Boston accent — known for phrases like “go to paht two” whenever she can’t finish a look in one video — Nogueira said it didn’t really register as a Boston accent to her growing up, and was actually an insecurity.


“I grew up very different, just seen different by others because of my looks and particularly my voice,” she told Boston.com. “My voice has been such a thing all my life — just being made fun of for it, being not accepted for it. I really just wasn’t treated well growing up by classmates, family, whatever. So, I started wearing makeup when I was 10 and it was genuinely an escape for me to feel more feminine.”

Her family is from Worcester and New Bedford, and she grew up in a quiet neighborhood of Freetown, right outside of Fall River. When Nogueira was in high school, she’d come home and watch beauty YouTubers for hours, which is when she started experimenting with her now-signature colorful looks. At 17, she even won a local competition when she wrote a business plan for a beauty business she dreamed of having.

“I spent a lot of years of my life depressed over the fact that I didn’t like myself because people made me think I shouldn’t, because of how I talked and how I looked and how much I weighed and all that, so that’s why I started to wear makeup,” she said.

From quarantine to TikTok sensation

The first time Nogueira “flew the nest” was to attend Bryant University in Rhode Island, where she got her bachelor’s in communications and media studies. She never went to cosmetology school or worked as a full-time makeup artist. When she posted her first TikTok in March 2020 — during spring break of her senior year — she had 800 followers on Instagram.


“In my second video I did a bold colorful look…and the big thing is I used to have a lot of acne, and people noticed when I went from that before to the after I had no acne, and people were like, ‘how’d you do that?” She said. “So, that’s when I showed the world how I made it look like you have no acne at all, and that video blew up and got 15 million views. It was my third ever video on TikTok and it was literally history from there.” 

Though Nogueira had gone right into her master’s degree, she made the decision to pause her degree and quit her job at Ulta Beauty in September so she could do TikTok full time. The launch of her makeup line shows that it has certainly paid off.

Building her dream collection

The line, Mikayla x Glamlite, includes an eyeshadow palette, lashes, glosses, and highlighter compact. The palette has over a dozen shades, with familiar names like “Freetown,” “Masshole,” and “Rhodie.” Nogueira chose her partner carefully, and has long been a fan of Glamlite’s brand and products.

The collection, Mikayla x Glamlite, will feature an eyeshadow palette with shades named for Nogueira’s New England roots. – Mikayla Nogueira

“They’re an indie brand…I could have worked for this massive brand that makes millions of dollars all the time and has all this press and attention on them, but what if I, someone small — I was small — truly gave an indie brand a spotlight?” She said. “I knew that Glamlite has one of the best formulas in cosmetics; they truly care about their formulas. I knew that I was in good hands, and I knew they’d give me full creative freedom.”


Glamlite CEO and Founder Gisselle Hernandez told Boston.com that she is excited to partner with Nogueira on this line.

“Her mission is now to inspire others, dare people to step out of their comfort zone, embrace their flaws, and create a community where everyone can feel accepted,” she said. “Those were all of the things that our brand stood for. The motto for our brand has always been ‘never be afraid to be yourself’ and Mikayla was the ideal representation of that motto. In an industry and an age run by social media where everyone is pressured to look ‘perfect,’ she wasn’t afraid to show her real self, flaws and all, and empower other people to do the same. That, in our opinion, is what makes a true icon.”

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