This Maine lobsterman is a TikTok sensation

Jacob Knowles and his lobster-centered content have garnered 1 million followers and 21 million likes on viral video app TikTok.

Jacob Knowles’ posted his first video on viral video app TikTok, about his first year of tuna fishing, in September 2020. It immediately caught the attention of other users — 66,000 viewers, to be exact.

Now, Knowles’s videos are regularly receiving over 1 million views, including his most recent post on Monday about the possible 100-year-old lobster he caught.

“My father has very likely caught this lobster at one point in his life, so has my grandfather, and possibly my great-grandfather,” he said while holding up the creature.

“Do I fish? No. Do I have any idea about fishing? Again no. Do I watch every one of your videos? Absolutely I do,” wrote one commenter under the video.


His videos frequently answer questions from viewers, including what size lobsters are legal to catch (there’s a tool for that) and a tour of the boat he fishes on.

While most of his content focuses on marine life, some of Knowles’ videos feature his family life on land. In one from August 2021, he opens up an expired life raft with his two young sons.


This is an old expired raft, they need to be repacked occasionally and in this case it was cheaper to buy a new one. #commercialfishing #survival #fy

♬ original sound – Jacob Knowles

Throughout all of Knowles’ content, no matter the topic, the one thing that seems to be pervasive is a bright smile on his face.


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