Watch: Comedian goes viral with her perfect response to beer-chucking pro-Trump heckler

“I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for Trump.”

On a Saturday night at a comedy club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, Ariel Elias was in the middle of her stand-up set when an audience member threw a can of beer at her head.

Elias shared a video of the incident on Twitter on Sunday, where it garnered over 5 million views. It all began in the midst of Q & A session with the audience, when a woman asks Elias if she voted for Trump. 

“Here’s a question for you. Why would you ask me that in here, knowing I’m the only Jew in this room? Are you trying to get me killed?” Elias joked. 

local news:

She tried to calm the crowd down, saying everyone can vote for who they want to vote for and that she was just happy they were all there together, but the woman didn’t let up.


“I can just tell by your jokes you voted for Biden,” the woman proclaimed, before Elias fired back, “I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for Trump,” for which she was met with applause and cheers from the crowd.

When she tried to get back to her set, a beer can thrown from the audience smacked the wall behind her, adjacent to her head. After standing for a moment aghast, as people in the audience chastised the beer can thrower — audience members can be heard swearing at the man and saying “You can’t do that” and “I’m never coming out with these people again” — Elias bent down, picked up the can, and chugged what was left. 

The viral moment has spawned a series of comical tweets from Elias.

“I’d really appreciate it if anyone could please just let my teachers know that chugging a beer has in fact been great for my career,” said one.

In another, she likened putting on makeup in the morning to having a beer thrown at her. 

 Despite it obviously being a scary situation, Elias has handled it with grace and humor.


“This experience has really taught me to trust my gut, and to fill that gut with beer,” she tweeted Monday.

Other comedians and celebrities on Twitter have picked up on it too. 

Whitney Cummings called Elias a “class act.”

Jim Gaffigan said Elias is “super funny and total class.” 

Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, described the clip as a “masterclass in how to handle a heckler.”

Jimmy Kimmel gave Elias “five stars for this flawless performance.”

The man who threw the beer exited the club immediately after the incident, and police are pressing charges.


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