We Want to Tell Your Student Debt Stories

A part of President Barack Obama’s 2015 budget proposal could have implications on student debtors working in public service or nonprofit positions.
How do you cope with student debt?

Here at Boston.com, we think student debt is an issue worth covering.

But while we can rattle the figures off easily—more than a trillion dollars in total student debt, the average student with debt comes out of college nearly $30,000 in the hole—we also want to get to know the people affected.

And specifically, we want to know how you manage.

It costs a pretty penny to live in Boston, we already know, but plenty of recent grads do. If you can get steady work out of school, entry-level wages generally aren’t terrific. And the student debt obligation can’t make it any easier.


So what’s the calculus? How do you keep everything in budget? Do you even have a budget? How does the debt obligation hold you back—if at all? How do you make it work?

Recent grads with student debt living in or around Boston: Get in touch at business@boston.com. We want to tell your stories.

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