Insurance Exec. Not a Fan of Driverless Cars (You Don’t Say!)

A prototype of a Google driverless car.
A prototype of a Google driverless car. –Reuters

Driverless car technology, if done right, figures to cancel out a whole lot of human error. In turn, that could make it cheaper to insure a car.

How shocking, then, that after acknowledging the technology could ultimately hurt the insurance industry, Liberty Mutual CEO David Long said he is not among the 60 percent of people that studies show trust the technology. (For whatever reason, he first decided to boast about his wealth.)

From the Boston Globe:

"I know I'm a 1 percenter," said Long, referring to his earnings, which last year approached $11 million. "I'm [also] a 40 percenter."

Long spoke earlier this week at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast. No word on how the chamber feels about self-guided industry groups, or how breakfast feels about brunch.


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