MBTA Prices Go Up Today

Here come the fare hikes. –Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe

Just a reminder before you head to the T Tuesday morning: Prices are headed up.

You’ll pay 10 cents more per bus and subway ride, at $1.60 and $2.10 respectively, with a CharlieCard. Bus rides will go from $2 to $2.10 and subway rides from $2.50 to $2.65 if you don’t have a CharlieCard (for whatever reason).

And if you’re a monthly LinkPass type of rider, giving you unlimited bus and subway access, you can expect to pay $5 more per month from July onward, at $75. If you opt for just a bus pass, you’ll pay $50—marking a $2 increase.

The hits keep on a’coming, and include a hike of between 10 and 50 cents for commuter rail trips as well, with monthly commuter rail passes set to increase by as much as $17. Plenty of other services are also seeing small increases.


The T estimates it will take in $20 million to $24 million in new revenues as a result. The increase comes two years after it raised fares 23 percent. This year’s increases, all together, work out to about a 4 percent jack.

Here’s the full pricing rundown from the MBTA’s website. And try to enjoy your commute—at least there’s a long weekend coming up.

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