On National Donut Day, watch a raccoon run on Dunkin’

"Do it! Throw him the doughnut!"

It’s National Donut Day — as if we needed a day to be reminded of the existence of doughnuts. And to mark the occasion, it seems only appropriate to spend a moment with a social media sensation who would be wise to lock up a multi-year endorsement contract with Dunkin’ while the getting is good. Yes, we’re talking about the now-famous doughnut-eating raccoon from Florida.

Captured on video last month by one Samantha Jane Guptill at an Orange City, Florida, franchise of the Massachusetts-based coffee and doughnut shop, the viral TikTok video — 22.7 million views on that platform alone, and counting — features a very polite procyon lotor approaching a Dunkin’ drive-thru window.


“He wants some Dunkin’ doughnuts,” Guptill declares as the raccoon crosses in front of her car. “Do it! Throw him the doughnut!”

@samguptuppy #Raccoon at #Dunkin ♬ original sound – Samantha Jane Guptil

Instead, though, the Dunkin’ clerk simply extends what appears to be a vanilla frosted out the window, and the raccoon accepts it gently with both hands, with all the precision and dexterity of Rocket Raccoon grabbing a vibranium arm.

If you are a normal human and watching that has made you crave a doughnut of your own, never fear: Most Dunkin’ locations are offering a free classic doughnut of your choice Friday with the purchase of any beverage (while supplies last). Or check with your favorite local doughnut joint for any special offers they might have.

If you have a raccoon, though, you should probably leave it at home.


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