One or two drinks a day may not actually be good for you

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The belief that having one or two drinks a day could contribute to a longer life is based on flawed research, STAT reports.

An analysis published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs found previous studies that touted the benefits of moderate drinking, classified lifetime teetotalers in the same category as ex-drinkers. The analysis found that 13 of the 87 studies evaluated that were free of the flaw showed “no significant reduction in mortality” for moderate drinkers when compared with lifetime abstainers.

Still, STAT reports, the most recent addition to the debate over whether a couple drinks each day could benefit your health continues.


“Our conclusion that there is no net benefit [from moderate drinking] might still allow for cardiovascular benefits,” Dr. Timothy Stockwell of Canada’s University of Victoria who led the new analysis told STAT.

Read the full STAT report here.


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