Tracing Lahey Clinic’s link to Bermuda

Jan 16, 2014 -- BURLINGTON,  MA - Lahey Clinic (shot from sidewalk)  (globe staff photo; Joanne Rathe  reporter: Lizbeth Kowalczyk section: health science   topic: 19LAHEY )
Lahey Clinic. –Joanne Rathe / Boston Globe

It seemed like a golden opportunity. A small pink-sand island, just off the US coast, with too few people to support a full team of medical specialists, but enough health problems — cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other serious diseases — to require high-level care.

During a chance encounter years ago, a Bermudian doctor, Ewart Brown, floated the idea to a physician from Lahey Clinic, suggesting that the hospital could expand its business while filling a pressing health need.

The Burlington hospital now sends a rotating group of 25 cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedists, and other specialists to Bermuda, where they stay in hotels and treat patients referred by local doctors.


Lahey is one of several US hospitals that provide specialty care on the British territory — a successful venture that on Tuesday put Lahey at the center of a federal bribery lawsuit over its relationship with Brown.

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