How has coronavirus impacted you?

Its effects have seeped into many areas of daily life. Share your story with us.

A demonstration of hand sanitizer at a readiness training session for the coronavirus at a hospital in Northridge, Calif., March 3, 2020. Despite efforts by social media companies to stop it, false information about the coronavirus is proliferating around the world. (Alex Welsh/The New York Times)

Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency. Sporting events have been canceled. Game shows are taping without studio audiences. The show will not go on for some festivals this year. Many people are changing the way they work, either voluntarily or because of updated company policies in recent days. Most of us have not contracted the virus, but its effects have seeped into many areas of daily life.

We want to hear from you: How has coronavirus impacted you? 

Are you a faculty member or university student feeling the effects of classes being moved online? Are you a business owner or work in retail experiencing a loss or surge in sales? Maybe you’re disappointed about the St. Patrick’s Day parade being canceled or closely watching for Boston Marathon updates? Do you work in finance and feeling the hit from Monday’s steep drop in the Dow? Maybe you had to start working from home this week or you work in a field where WFH is just not an option? Are you self-quarantined? We want to share your story!  


Fill out the form below or let us know at [email protected], and we may feature your story in an upcoming article. 

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