For Newburyport startup, clear sailing within sight

The scenic view from Muzzy Lane Software’s offices in Newburyport.
The scenic view from Muzzy Lane Software’s offices in Newburyport. –Chris Parson / Special to

The Exchange is part of an ongoing series on The Hive tackling the questions facing Boston’s entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. In this Exchange, entrepeneurs discuss the highs — and lows — of locating in or out of the city. Chris Parsons, like Peter Blacklow, finds the benefits of living slightly outside Boston too appealing to give up. Read the other side of the debate. Have your own opinion, or an idea for another topic? E-mail Hive@Boston.

Chris Parsons read last week’s edition of The Exchange, and decided to up the ante. Founded in 2002, Muzzy Lane Software calls Newburyport home. While partnering with leading publishers like McGraw-Hill, employees enjoy spacious offices, killer views, and, as Parsons explains, a lot more to offer.


His full e-mail:

Hi All!

I just read your article, “Can Startups Thrive Outside of the City?’’

Heck yeah! Our company, Muzzy Lane Software, started in 2002 in Newburyport. Why do we work here? Have you been to Newburyport? Beauty, culture, history, the seashore. It’s awesome! We have been a leading innovator in introducing games to the education, business, and health care spaces. The North Shore offers a great location for those who want to live nearby, and a relatively easy reverse commute for those living in and around Boston. Massachusetts is a hub of activity around serious games and games for health. New hubs of game development activity are emerging in the Worcester area and in Western Mass., as well as Boston and the surrounding region.

So again, in answer to the question posed in your article title: A resounding YES! 🙂

Best regards,

Chris Parsons

Product Manager

Muzzy Lane Software

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