Big data booster hack/reduce seeks resident fellows

A hack/reduce hackathon held in preperation of the center’s opening.
A hack/reduce hackathon held in preperation of the center’s opening. –Courtesy of hack/reduce

hack/reduce, Boston’s non-profit big data hacker space, is now accepting applications for resident hackers who will be given access to the center’s resources in return for helping “make Boston number one in Big Data,’’ according to a hack/reduce post.

While the application process is being described as a “meritocracy,’’ applicants who submit before Oct. 14 will get a chance to take a sneak peak at the space and meet other applicants.

The center is looking for three classes of members:

Resident Hackers, individuals or teams working on specific, spotlighted projects.

Contributors, who are individuals interested in learning about and advancing Boston’s Big Data scene.


Fellows, who are known experts in the field brought in from time to time to share knowledge on specific topics.

Applications are currently open for resident hackers and contributors, but not fellows.

Scott Kirsner profiled hack/reduce and its director Abby Fichtner in August, writing that the group had raised about $3 million from local technology companies and VC firms.

’’Big data is a real opportunity for Boston to excel,’’ Fichtner told Kirsner then. “We have so many smart people here. We can bring in all these domains like life sciences and finance and even musicians and artists, and connect them with developers to really foster innovation.’’

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