Free Uber Cab Rides in Boston through Thursday

–David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Sick of fighting for a seat on the T? Realize you forgot your coat and daunted by the walk home? Uber has you covered: From 5 a.m. this morning until 8 p.m. Thursday night, the car hailing app is covering all fares up to $25 dollars made using its TAXI service (as opposed to Uber’s premium Black and SUV service).

You just have to fire up Uber’s free Android app, free iOS app, or mobile site.

With more cab hailing preparing to launch in the next days and weeks, including hometown favorite TaxiRightNow, Uber has proven an aggressive first mover. What do you think? Is there a big enough market out there to support more than one app? Did you get a chance at a free cab ride yourself — and was it a good experience?


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