MassChallenge winner RallyPoint: “We knew it was going to be all or nothing’’


After I complained that I couldn’t find any pictures of the top prize-winning MassChallengers, a friendly reader pointed me to RallyPoint, one of four Diamond Prize winners which each took home $100,000. And then RallyPoint founder Yinon Weiss emailed me himself.

’’We had no idea what to expect going into to the awards ceremony,’’ he wrote. “With so many amazing companies in the accelerator program, one definitely cannot take anything for granted … When the $50k winners were done being called, we knew it was going to be all or nothing, so that definitely created some drama as well.’’

But RallyPoint, which has been billed as a LinkedIn for active military, would have benefitted even without taking home the program’s top award.


’’Even if we did not end up with a check, MassChallenge was absolutely a useful experience,’’ wrote Weiss. “They offer an incredible amount of resources to help entrepreneurs win, and they certainly helped us take RallyPoint to the next level.

Weiss and his co-founder, Aaron Kletzing, are both veterans who attended Harvard Business School, and they’ve already managed to build some buzz around the company, including glowing profiles in Inc. and Business Insider.

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