GMail previews new ‘Compose Email’ design with a chattier feel

GMail quietly unveiled a newly designed way to write emails, allowing you to keep one eye on your inbox for urgent messages even while you updating your mother that you are, indeed, still alive.

After years of keeping the GMail design relatively unchanged, Google has been pushing a number of changes, most noticeably a year ago, and Google acquired email app maker Sparrow earlier this year. This latest update, which Google promised to iterate and then rollout over the next several months, is somewhere between a tweak and an overhaul, given the importance of actually sending messages to an email client.


It also looks like it incorporates a lot of the tricks Google has been practicing with its mobile clients, such as a more minimalistic interface and user icons tied to email addresses. What do you think of the updated design? Is it likely to cause as much as a angst as GMail’s previous iterations — only to die down a few months later?

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