SmartHUD crowdfunds to build head-up display for your car

A new Indigogo campaign hopes to bring a user-installable head-up display for your car, showing drivers texts and directions while hopefully making the roads a bit safer.

The $70,000 campaign is run by SmartHUD, founded by Michael Amaru, who said he was inspired to make the device after he was struck by a distracted driver.

SmartHUD was profiled a year ago by Scott Kirsner, who outlined the projects plans then:

His SmartHUD prototype includes a plastic mount that clips onto one of your air conditioning vents, and a MicroVision “pico projector’’ the size of a deck of cards, which uses a laser to splash an image onto your windshield. There’s also a piece of see-through film that goes on the windshield to improve the brightness of the image, and a slot into which you can slip your Android mobile phone. Strapped to your steering wheel is a tiny touchpad, which lets you use a thumb to make selections on SmartHUD’s simplified interface — like answering “yes’’ or “no’’ to an incoming next message, or choosing a song from your music library. Amaru is hopeful that in sufficient volume, the SmartHUD system could be sold for around $200.


In the Indiegogo plan now, pre-orders are starting at $500, a little bit more than had Amaru projected a year ago, and the design has switched from separated pico projector and film to a more integrated unit, but the core concept remains the same. See his promotional video below, and pre-order up to a dozen of the devices — or some less expensive SmartHUG swag on the project’s page.

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