Start-up job listings for Nov. 2

This is the bar graph that’s going to turn things around!
This is the bar graph that’s going to turn things around! –iStockphoto

Sick of being a suit? Check out these start-up opportunities in the Boston area. Looking for some great early employees yourself? Email job listings — plus why your company is the best — to

Runkeeper: Engineers

The pocket-sized fitness guru Runkeeper, whose founder said his biggest regret was not starting sooner, is looking for some self-starting engineers to grow the company’s team. The company is hiring QA, iOS, database, and software engineers. Read more about Runkeeper’s current openings.

CarGurus: Recruiting, sales, and engineering

This Harvard Square-based start-up is hiring across the spectrum, looking to build out its team with new account managers, a senior JAVA developer, and a recruiter. The automobile search engine offers an easier, more transparent car buying experience for its users. Read about its current job openings here.


Zerto: Sales and support

In the heart of Fort Point, Zerto offers its customers disaster recovery and business continuity services, and is looking for individuals to help support those customers. It’s currently hiring sales engineers, account managers, and technical support engineers. Read more details at their website.

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