Is Los Angeles really beating Boston in start-ups?

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Michael Farrell’s piece on New York outstripping Boston in start-up growth has garnered a lot of reaction, with some commenters blaming Gov. Deval Patrick and others pointing to the fact that Boston has had 10 businesses IPO compared to New York’s six.

But what had me scratching my head was one city that beat both Boston and New York in Startup Genome‘s recent study: Los Angeles, which placed third on the list, after only San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

Completely missing from the study? Seattle and Austin. This had some pundits rolling their eyes.

And despite coverage of the study in TechCrunch, the Globe, and other major news sources, the study wasn’t even mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, as far as I could tell, a strange ommission if the city is a top start-up hub.


At BostInno, Walter Frick defends the Startup Genome study, noting its limitations while pulling out some interesting data points:

— Boston entrepreneurs are more educated than Valley entrepreneurs

— Boston entrepreneuers are less interested in a quick flip

— New York City is the global capital for women tech entrepreneurs

That’s really interesting information. But I still can’t get over Los Angeles beating out Boston, New York, Seattle, and Austin to take the claim of number three start-up city. Can you?

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