After $30m round, Drupal-powered Acquia eyes international growth — and an IPO


I’ve always had a soft spot for Drupal, the open-source CMS that’s both beloved and despised for its incredible (and at times, incredibly arcane) flexibility and power. I’m not alone: The White House’s website is built on Drupal, as is The Economist. Even our friends at the Herald tried moving to Drupal, though that transition seems to be on hiatus after a bumpy first try.

Now Acquia, which offers a variety of Drupal-based services, is trying to spread the love even further with a new $30 million funding round.

Dries Buytaert, creator of Drupal and CTO at Acquia, is excited about the possibilities.


“We believe an Open Source platform like Drupal is the best way to keep up with the evolving web,’’ he wrote in a blog post. “We believe we can take on a large variety of proprietary competitors across different industries. We know it is true because we’ve seen Drupal invade enterprises and overturn their established web technologies.’’

Them’s fighting words, but given the low bar enterprise applications generally set and the enthusiasm, talent, and money behind Drupal and Acquia, the ambition might be justified.

Possibly more ambitious, however, is Acquia’s sights reportedly set on an IPO in the next year or two.

Kyle Alspach, reporting for Boston Business Journal, wrote that Acquia chief executive Tom Erickson said the company “could hold its IPO as soon as 2013 or early 2014.’’

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