2013 Resolution: Listen to your customers

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Earlier this week, I asked Hive readers what their 2013 resolutions are. Steve Pogorzelski, chief executive of ClickFuel, wrote in to say his resolution is to listen to his customers. Here’s what Pogorzelski wrote:

“Listening to customers should be a main priority for businesses, and it’s extremely important to us at ClickFuel. Constant communication with clients led us to pivot our business model and go in a different direction to help introduce the market to a solution that did not previously exist.

“Our prior marketing analytics dashboard set our business apart, but nothing else we did was a serious point of differentiation. It became clear that we were not solving the problem we set out to solve, so we shifted our focus and began partnering with companies that serve small and medium-sized businesses.


“In the New Year, we will continue to spend time interacting with, brainstorming with and getting feedback from our customers on a regular basis so we can react and adapt to their wants and needs.’’

What do you plan to do to make sure your company rises to the top next year? Email hive@boston.com your 2013 resolutions, or tweet us at @HiveBoston.

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