Merchant Warehouse’s 2013 resolution: Rethink how people shop

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Last week, I asked Hive readers what their 2013 resolutions are. Henry Helgeson, chief executive of Boston-based Merchant Warehouse, writes that he wants to help change the way consumers pay for things. Have your own resolution for a better 2013? Let me know at, or tweet us at@HiveBoston.

2013 is the year we resolve to change the decades-old technologies we use to pay for things. Nobody uses a dial-up modem, a payphone or a fax machine anymore. So why are we still using magnetic stripe credit card technologies and out-of-date point of sale systems that are anywhere from 20 to 50 years old? Merchant Warehouse is making a resolution for 2013 to bring the payment technology world out of the dark ages. Merchants should be able to accept much more advanced, secure technologies for payment — such as mobile payments or EMV (Europay-Mastercard-Visa) cards that are pin-guarded and embedded with chips to prevent fraud. It’s staggering that we’ve gone on so long allowing our payment networks to be held back by legacy technology, considering that the exchange of money is what we all rely on to fuel the economy.


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