Three awesome crowdfunding projects going on now


From an adorable puppy Facebook game to fresh produce for everyone, these local crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo offer a little of something for everyone.

Fresh Truck

What they do: Convert an old schoolbus into a mobile farmers market, putting fresh produce on wheels for neighborhoods that otherwise might not see much fresh food otherwise.

Why it’s extra cool: That converted school bus will also have a stage, so it’ll bring live music and rocking block parties along with its wholesome kale.

How much they need by when: So far they’ve raised $20,754 out of their $30,000 goal, and they have 17 days to go.


Gorilla Door Gym

What they do: Exercise shouldn’t be reserved for those with fancy gym memberships. Gorilla Door Gym takes the lowly pull up bar and pumps it up, allowing new exercises and enough hefting power to hold an indoor swing. Boston’s freezing temperatures are no longer an excuse not to stay in shape.

Why it’s extra cool: Throughout the process, Gorilla Door Gym’s backers have been fielding feedback from supporters, helping shape the color and features of this novel piece of exercise equipment.

How much they need by when: Thanks to steep savings, this project has already raised $39,020, blowing past its goal of $35,000 with four days left to go. Savvy shoppers can still score a Gorilla Gym for the $50 early adopter price.


What they do: SqueeDogs is a 3D Facebook games that puts the player in the shoes of a super-powered puppy investigator intent on finding his lost canine friends. By switching dog forms, the player can sniff out new clues throughout the inventive, playful landscape.

Why it’s extra cool: Besides being totes adorbs, while your puppy PI is rescuing virtual dogs, you’ll be helping real dogs: The founders have committed to donating a portion of the profits to the MSPCA.


How much they need by when: With 21 days left to go, the projects raised $6,928 of $15,000 goal. Stretch goals will unlock new levels, ways to play, and different breeds of dogs.

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