Twitter’s Vine leaves Boston crawling with goofy short videos

How did Twitter use Vine to tackle web video giant YouTube? The same way it tackled blogging: With strict limits, minimal features, and a charm all its own.

Already, Vine’s gained some hyperbolic love from the usual corners — a PandoDaily writer said it was making Twitter a “critical part of the news infrastructure’’ just days after launch — and local early adopters have been playfully embracing the tool as well, documenting six-second slices of Bostonia. Here’s some of favorites, including a few peeks inside the Globe newsroom and what I think could be Joss Whedon’s next superhero superflick, set right here in Boston. Or maybe not.


See some other fun local uses of Vine? Email or Tweet it: or@HiveBoston.

RunKeeper showed off their #FormalFriday duds:

Local start-up KarmaLoop gives a looping tour of their office:

The movie-magic of Fake Globe Elevator:

Some brave marketers were using Vine as a six-second webinar format:

The view from Global Post’s offices on Lewis Wharf:

Some tips for spotting more interesting Vines:

— Use Twitter’s search for Tweets from people you know and then pop in; it will pull in all Vine-pushed Tweets.

Vinepeek throws random Vines your way, interruption free and unfiltered. Can be a mesmerizing peek, and also occasionally not safe for work or the squeemish.

— Don’t forget the audio! By default it’s off, but it can add a lot to some montages. Just click in the lower left of a Vine.

— Some Vine cinematographic techniques carry their own hashtags, so do a search for and terms like #stopmotion for interesting results.

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