DataGravity raises $30 million, but for what is anyone’s guess

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DataGravity chief executive Paula Long was eager to talk about her company’s expertise, latest funding round of $30 million, and overall market — but not what she plans on doing with all the new cash.

“We’re staying stealthy because while we believe nobody else is doing what we’re going to do, there could be people who would market what we’re going to do if we talk about it,’’ she told me.

It’s not a bad point: Big data has mercifully kicked out cloud computing as the marketing buzzword of note, with less scrupulous flacks everywhere happy to put a big data wrapper around all sorts of not-really-big-data products.


DataGravity, however, has the chops and backing to make the company worth some attention, even if they aren’t saying why yet.

Michael B. Farrell has a good piece on the company’s rich data and storage pedigree (now including Netscape cofounder Marc Andreessen), and Scott Kirsner wrote about their previous $12 million round.

This latest funding, Long told me, would ensure they have the capital on hand when they’re ready to go to market, likely sometime early in 2014.

They said a beta version of their product is likely for some more adventurous customers later this year. Until, the team of about 30 people — mostly engineers — is hard at work polishing whatever it is they are polishing.

While Long was vague on specifics, she said it would target businesses with 50 to 2,000 employees, and provide help analyzing those businesses day-to-day metrics. I’m thinking something along the lines of Objective Logistics, which I previously profiled, but tapping into a wider variety of sources beyond point-of-sales systems. But that’s just a guess.

What big data problems would you tackle with $32 million in the bank to back you up?

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