Serial publisher Plympton merges with DailyLit

The serial publishing start-up Plympton, named after a street in Harvard Square, is merging with DailyLit in a partnership that will expand the former’s reach while offering new content to the latter’s audience.

So far, Plympton, which inked a deal with Amazon shortly before the online retailer launched its serial publishing platform, has focused on original writing designed to be consumed in literary episodic chunks, while DailyLit’s focus has primarily been on repurposing existing classic and contemporary literature with the same goals.

In a blog post, Plympton founder Jennifer 8. Lee wrote that the partnership will build on the “intimate and direct relationship’’ DailyLit has with its customers while exploring new opportunities for growth.


“That means everything from commissioning works meant to be read natively in digital format to finding the best way to deliver those stories to readers,’’ she wrote.

Read Lee’s post for full details.

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